The Formulation Science and Technology group (FSTG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to announce that it is planning to hold a second conference on Innovations in Encapsulation, our successful 2014 event.

This will be held on Friday 10th June 2016 at John McIntrye Conference Centre, Edinburgh.

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Speakers include:

With over 20 years of technical development experience, Dr Craig Duckham is an accomplished commercial research and development manager and has operated at a senior level in business. He has led a number of international cross functional R&D projects and as Director of Operations and Development, he led a team that developed a new range of sensory flavour standards currently being used in the international food and beverage sectors. As Technical Director with another SME, he led microencapsulation research activities in drug delivery, crop protection and food flavours. Working with an Irish subsidiary, he supported the commercialisation of a novel yeast based encapsulation technology. The resulting savoury flavour products are being sold into the international food and feed ingredients marketplace.

Craig has a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of Nottingham and his academic career included post-doctoral research positions at the universities of Lancaster and Reading. He is an author of over 30 publications and a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, a Fellow of the British Society of Flavourists and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.

  • Prof Gleb Sukhorukov | Professor of Biomedical Materials at Queen Mary University London


  • Dr Paul Clegg | Reader in Soft Matter Physics at the University of Edinburgh

His research focuses on the novel behaviour of soft materials which are stabilized by complex interfaces. He applies his results in various areas including food and drink, agrochemicals and energy technologies. Here he will demonstrate how two population of fluorescent particles can be used to understand the performance of Pickering emulsions.

  • Dr Marijana Dragosavac | lectureship in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University.

Her research interests include Production of highly uniform spherical inorganic particles with tuneable internal structure, Coacervation, Formulation, Surface functionalization, Microencapsulation, Controlled release, Membrane emulsification, Sorption and Ion exchange, Emulsions

  • Dr Dimitris Charalampopoulos | Associate Professor Reading University food and Nutritional Sciences.

His research investigates the development of processes for the production of functional food ingredients, in particular probiotic bacteria and prebiotic oligosaccharides.

Professor Poon trained in physics & theoretical physics at Cambridge University, where he stayed to study for a PhD in mineral physics at the Cavendish Laboratory. After a year at Portsmouth Polytechnic, he joined the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh where he holds a personal chair in Condensed Matter Physics.

In this position he leads research on the rheology of suspensions, the stability of colloidal gels and various aspects of the physics of bacteria (colony growth, adhesion, motility). Recently he has studied how the confinement of motile bacteria within droplets affects their spatial distribution - drawing analogies with the behaviour of rarefied gas within a spherical cavity. Much of Professor Poon's current work is funded by a Programme Grant from the UK's EPSRC and an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. He was elected FRSE in 2004 and holds a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award.

He will discuss the swimming of bacteria in surfactant stabilised oil drops.

 Organising committee

Prof Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy, Professor of Formulation Science, Reading School of Pharmacy, University of Reading.

Dr Roslyn Holmes, Encapsulation Scientist, Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Dr Joe Tavacoli, Industrial Research Liaison Officer, Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, The University of Edinburgh

Dr David Higgins, Polymer Consultant in Natural Products and Formulation Science

Dr Tiffany Wood Director, Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership, The University of Edinburgh


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