NanoFormulation2011 (26 June - 1 July 2011)


NanoFormulation2011 was held in Suntec, Singapore from 26 June - 1 July 2011 and thus sat at the heart of the International Year of Chemistry


NanoFormulation2011 was official event of the International Year of Chemistry. This five day meeting included three days of presentations, including nobel prize winners, a training day focussed on nanomaterial characterisation and a trade visit to Jurong Island to showcase research within the industrial sector. Structured networking activities on the Singapore Flyer and 1:1 meetings with delegates and speakers encouraged collaborations between industry, academia and the different world regions. NanoFormulation2011 website:


NanoFormulation2011 was the second of three international events under an EU funded program called InForm (Integrating Nanomaterials in Formulations). InForm is a partnership between 17 world-leading institutions which bring together formulation scientists from Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific involved in the formulation of nanomaterials. The FSTG-RSC is one of these partners and was the lead organiser for NanoFormulation2011. InForm website:

NanoFormulation2011 was a symposium within ICMAT (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies) - Symposium D. ICMAT website:


Recognised Event of The International Year of Chemistry