This was MiBio 2012

MIBio 2012: Molecular Interactions in Biopharmaceutical Formulations: Can Stability be Rationalised and Predicted? took place on Tuesday 30 October 2012 at the Trinity Centre in Cambridge, UK

This year's theme built on the MIBio 2011 event and explored new aspects of the formulation of biomolecules. Formulation of biotherapeutics, leading to the development of stable and convenient drug products, is a crucial part of the biopharmaceutical process. The stability of biological molecules depends on a complex set of molecular interactions; understanding these interactions is critical for the success of the formulation development. MIBio 2012 gathered world-leading experts from academia and from industry to take us from theoretical predictions of protein behaviour, through probing molecular interactions all the way to solving specific formulation issues of drug product candidates.

The formulation of biomolecules is a vibrant field of research as evidenced by the growing number of publications and patents and the number of attendees at the MIBio event. This year we welcomed 20 posters 9 sponsors and exhibitors and the best part of 100 attendees.

We are indebted to all the authors who sent in their abstracts and are contributing to the poster session. We are also very grateful to all the sponsors and exhibitors who joined us, without whose support we cannot hold such meetings. Please visit their websites, they are your partners in formulation.

Allow us to thank as well the remaining committee members of MIBio 2012 who have helped make this event a success: Tejash Shah and Stephen Harding. This event was a joint effort of the Formulation Group of the RSC and the APS.

MIBio 2012 was a one-day event, but discussions started on the day continue on LinkedIn via the FSTG discussion group. We will be hosting MIBio 2013 event, so watch out for further announcements on LinkedIn and via the FSTG and APS mailing groups.

Philippe Rogueda and Jan Jezek

On behalf of MIBio 2012.