Integrated control in Powder Formulation

Meeting at CPI National Formulation Centre, Sedgefield 17th Jan 2019

Delegates braved the snow and ice to attend “Integrated Control in Powder Formulation” last week, an FSTG event focussing on control of powder manufacture and processing, and following the successful Powder Flow 2018 event last year.

Representatives from academia and industry gathered to discuss themes ranging from multi-scale modelling and the application of PAT control to powder processing, to Models Based Control and the industrial applications of these combined formulation technologies.

The meeting addressed the needs of those interested in understanding more about the value and implementation of models based control and how to use Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) to enhance and optimise powder formulation.

Some key discussion points that emerged are:

  • There remains an urgent demand for improved approaches to integrated process control in a broad range of industrial settings;
  • Simulation models can offer new insight into process physics that are crucial for informing the design of such controllers;
  • New developments in sensing technologies for instance in determining certain powder compositions, are required;
  • Identification of the correct ‘tools for the job’, or the correct processing parameters to control, is crucial and can be central to the success of powder flow control schemes;
  • In the design of integrated process control schemes, practitioners must weigh up purely statistical models versus those that are grounded in physical laws – the pros and cons of each were discussed at length.

We anticipate that these points will form the basis of further interaction and collaboration between those present at the meeting.

Outcomes from the Models MPP project were presented by Dave Berry from CPI as well as researchers from Sheffield and Edinburgh Universities. Full list of presentations:

We are grateful for the very effective organisation by Liz Grylls, Dave Berry, Nyama Johnson, Jojo Wade, Tim Addison and their colleagues at CPI in the planning and execution of this event – the collaboration between CPI and FSTG led to a well-attended event with a broad range of attendees and speakers that resulted in a highly productive meeting.