The NanoFormulation2013 events are taking place at The Univeristy of Manchester, Manchester, UK
The venue for the NanoFormulation2013 conference (19-20th June) is:
This is Building 8 on the University Campus Map
The venue for the Training Day (18 June) and the UK Formulation Showcase (21 June) is:
This is Building 89 on the University Campus Map

The formulation of nanomaterials is lagging behind the generation of new nanomaterials and this is limiting the full commercial realisation of the large global investment in nanotechnology.  The NanoFormulation conferences have been helping to realise the potential of the nanotechnology investment by providing an interface between the "materials people" and the "formulation people".

NanoFormulation 2010, 2011 and 2012 conferences brought together nanotechnologists and formulation scientists in Stockholm, Singapore and Barcelona, under the auspices of the EU funded InForm project.  These conferences were unique in mixing formulation scientists and engineers with materials scientists, optical physicists, bio-scientists, regulatory scientists and surface technologists.

NanoFormulation2013, continuing in the spirit of the InForm project, will share the best practices on the use of nanomaterials in formulations, as well as formulations seeking nanomaterials and nanomaterials seeking formulations.  The formulation of materials at the nanoscale is scientifically challenging requiring novel physico-chemical and technological approaches. Nanoparticles, novel in size, shape or surface chemistry, offer very attractive functional properties to a range of formulated products, from drug delivery system to coatings and cosmetics. Nanotechnologies are likely to offer a wide range of economic benefits as nanoformulation scientists unlock the potential of formulated products.

Following the successful formula of the previous NanoFormulation conferences, 2013 will highlight local strengths of the conference venue with graphene and the size of UK's formulating industries being included.

Please check that NanoFormulation2013 is for you, submit your abstract or just go straight to the registration site, we are looking forward to welecoming you to Manchester in June.