The Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) is a subject group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London (U.K.). It is the leading scientific organisation dedicated to product formulation. The RSC-FST promotes technology exchange over all aspects of product formulation, from initial product concept to manufacture.  Join us to find out how formulations impact your life and how we make, characterise and use them everyday (details of how to join the RSC-FST). 

Our categories include:

  • 1-day virtual, hybrid & in-person events (workshops, symposia, meetings...)
  • Multi-day events (conferences, symposia, meetings...)
  • Training events
  • Awards, bursaries or travel grants
  • Early career researcher specific events (targeted at students, postgraduates, postdocs, all early career scientists)
The RSC-FST is working together with the National Formulation Centre to drive strategic activity in formulation for the benefit of the UK. 
To find out more about the NFC, visit the CPI website

To contact us please email the RSC-FST Secretary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Purpose of the FSTG

To act as an international forum at all stages of product formulation and to be a key point of reference for professionals in the field of formulation science and technology. The FSTG is concerned with the impact of formulation and will support, and contribute to, identifying best practices, promote innovation and raise awareness of developments for the benefit of the scientific community.

Terms of Reference

  1. To organise scientific meetings and other activities to enable those involved in formulation to adopt best practices, exchange knowledge and promote innovation.
  2. To enable dialogue between all parties concerned with formulation to foster awareness of the field of formulation science and technology and to educate practitioners.
  3. To discuss and comment on relevant policies and practices relevant to the formulation community.
  4. To share and facilitate knowledge exchange between members, academia, industry, stakeholders, and policy makers.
  5. To identify the impact of science and technology on all aspects of product formulation, including (but not limited to) pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, personal care products, speciality chemicals and coatings.
  6. To emphasise, explore and extend the contribution of chemistry to formulation science and technology from initial concept to market research and future design. 
Find out more about us ... FSTG commitee, FSTG AGMs and FSTG Newsletter 


What is formulation?

The science and technology of formulation is about making making products from raw materials.

formulation dictionary definition

It could also be said that formulation is about designing the everyday products we all use: detergents, cosmetics, paints, pharmaceuticals, food to the oil in our cars.
The formulation industry encompasses all the major names of household products we all depend on, but also specialist industrial products.
It is a vast industry that is brought together under the banner of the Formulation Sceince and Technology Group.
Formulation science covers the core of physical and colloid chemistries, as well as analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutcial and biological sciences.
Because formulations, or products, are aimed at end users, formulation scientists must also interact with marketing, packing and device experts, and be mindful of environmental and toxicological issues.