Black and Green?
Carbon Footprint and Sustainability for Formulations - Part 1

Wednesday 14th April 2010 at the University of Birmingham, UK

It used to be black and white but these days in formulations it seems to be black and green.

Increasing concerns over environmental Carbon Footprints and the sustainability of sourcing of raw materials has prompted interest in how technology may be applied to improve the performance of formulated products across Industries.  This was the first in a series of one day symposia organised by the RSC Formulation Science and Technology Group to look at the sustainability of formulations in terms of raw materials, manufacturing and formulation issues and also address how industries can improve their Carbon Footprints by clever formulaiton technology.

Speakers were drawn from a range of industries and technologies including Crop Protection, Building Products, Oil Industry, Mineral Industry, Food and the High Throughput Formulation Technology Development sector and will be of interest to a number of industry sectors: from materials science to building products, cosmetics, food science, detergents, oil and lubricants, agrochemicals, material processing industries and packaging technologists.

It was particularly relevant for those industrial and academic scientists and engineers active in the fields of solid state colloid science, soft matter colloid science, physical chemistry, chemical engineering and formulation science and technology.

Organising committee: Richard Greenwood, FSTG/University of Birmingham;  Matthew Giles, FSTG/Innospec, UK;  Patrick Mulqueen, FSTG/Syngenta UK.


Welcome to Black and Green Part 1 2010

Chair:    Dr Richard Greenwood, University of Birmingham

Plenary Lecture
Impact of regulatory changes on sustainability of products in Crop Protection
Mike Carroll (Dow Agrosciences, UK)

Silicone based solutions for sustainable building protection
Stefan Stadtmueller, Evonik, Germany

Biofuels, opportunities and problems for formulations
Dr Siobhan Casey, Innopsec, UK

High Throughput Formulation Technology - making more from less
Thomas Brinz, Bosch, Germany

Chair:    Dr Matthew Giles, Innospec, UK

Plenary Lecture
Sustainable materials in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Formulations: pressures and opportunities
Janet Scott, JLS ChemConsult Ltd, UK

Waste minerals as functional fillers
Neil Rowson, University of Birmingham, UK joined by Godfrey Short, RockTron, UK

Mineral Uses for a Sustainable Future: An Industrial Perspective
Andrew Riley, Imerys, UK

Air filled emulsions - the ultimate low fat formulation
Philip Cox, University of Birmingham, UK

More from Less
Stephen Minter, Eminate, UK