Fundamentals of the Solid Form - New Insights and Developments , is a one day meeting organised by the Formulation Science and Technology Group of the RSC.

The event will take place at Burlington House, London on: Tuesday 15th March 2016

09:00     Registration and Coffee

10:00     Opening Remarks – Dr Lyn Daintree, Crystec Ltd

Session OneChair Dr John Jones, Bristol-Myers Squibb

10:10    Predictions, Crystals and Crystallisations
            Prof Alastair Florence, University of Strathclyde

10:45    Crystal Engineering of Multi-Component Crystalline Materials
            Prof Michael Zaworotko, Limerick University

11:20    Designed particles for optimised formulations using supercritical fluid technologies
            Prof Peter York, Crystec Ltd

11:55     Exhibitors highlight session

12:30     Lunch, networking and exhibition

Session TwoChair Dr Vivek Trivedi, Greenwich University

              The Elizabeth Colbourn Memorial Lecture in the Application of Advanced Computer Techniques to Formulation
13:30    Can the crystal structure of organic molecules be predicted?
            Dr John Kendrick, University of Bradford

14:05    Salt-Cocrystal interface studies: The importance of being Hydrogen
            Prof Chris Frampton, Nuformix

14:40    Drug product design: From molecule to drug product
            Ernest Chow, Pfizer

15:10    Tea/Coffee, exhibition

15:35    Functional Group Interactions and Cocrystal Formation
            Prof Chris Hunter, University of Cambridge

16:10    Crystallisation – a matter of patience
            Dr Sophie Janbon, AstraZeneca

16:45   Silicon-based Aerocrystals for controlled delivery of very high payloads of Nanostructured drugs
            Dr Leigh Canham, pSiMedica Ltd (pSivida Corporation)

17.20     Concluding remarks

17.30     Conference Ends