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MSIF20 - C Wand - Computer simulations of epoxy binding on iron oxide surfaces
MSIF20 - E Richards - Development of a coarse-grained polyoxyethylene glycol non-ionic surfacant model using the saft-g Mie force-field for molecular dynamics simulations
MSIF20 - H Cardenas - Force field assessment in the molecular simulation of interfacial tensions of surfactants
MSIF20 - M Kiesel - Saft g-Mie coarse-grained forcefield for the simulation of anionic surfactants: phase behaviour
MSIF20- - R Palaparthi - Leveraging fit to purpose drug release models to help with formulation devleopment and scale-up efforts
PDILF - A Elton-Legrix - Highly Dispersible Kaolin for Printing Inks
PDILF - A Giese - Determination of Stability and Particle Size of Colloids in Lab or Online
PDILF - B Hinchliffe - Challenges of assessing number-based particle concentration and the development of a quantitative method using DCS
PDILF - B Miller - The options available for particle characterisation of raw materials in formulation
PDILF - C Pizzey - Shining a Light on Particle Characterisation at the Diamond Light Source
PDILF - D Elliott - The importance of particle dispersions in paint formulations and the need for better characterization methods
PDILF - D Volodymyr - Osmotic swelling as a key for perfect nanosheets dispersion-From water to organic solvents
PDILF - E Haas - From particles to an ice-repellent coating
PDILF - F Aalders Preventing Crystallization with the Crystal16 for Successful Parenteral Formulations
PDILF - G Irvine - Static Multiple Light Scattering for Monitoring the Stability and Particle Size of Concentrated Dispersions
PDILF - K Quan - Particle incorporation in liquid – P&G’s perspective
PDILF - L Delforce - TiO2 nanoparticle dispersions studied by sedimentation analysis - Hansen Parameters vs DLVO interpretations
PDILF - M Hwang - The Importance of Dilution Process and Solvent Selection on Particle Size Measurements
PDILF - M Mohammadi - Colloidal Refractometry for Microstructure Characterization of Particle Dispersions
PDILF - R Sharma - Application of NMR Relaxation to Determine the Hansen Solubility Parameter (HSP) of Particles

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