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FFFC3 - A Adeosun - Synthesis of conductive polymethyl red film for electrochemical sensing application
FFFC3 - A Kumar Thakur - Functional reduced graphene coating for augmenting the rate of clean water generation using solar energy
FFFC3 - C Rees-Zimmerman - Formulation stratified films: exploiting diffusion and diffusiophoresis
FFFC3 - C Wand - Computer simulations of epoxy binding on iron oxide surfaces
FFFC3 - H Hutchins-Crawford - Thermal triggable, anchoring block polymers for use in inkjet printing
FFFC3 - J Booth - Design of polymer colloids for use in functional biocoatings
FFFC3 - J Watson - The chemistry and challenges of function polymers for corrosion protection
FFFC3 - M D'Elia - Poly(phenylene methylene)-based coatings for corrosion protection: replacement of additives by use of copolymers
FFFC3 - S Hall - Preparation and characterisation of alumina coated TiO2
FFFC3 - T Palmer - Using ion beam analysis to study the surfactant distribution in cross-linked colloidal polymer films
FFFC3 - Y Chen - Introducting porosity in colloidal biocoating for functional biocatalysis
FFFC3 - Y Rai - Graphene coatings for tribological applications
Formative Formulation 2 - From Washcoat Formulations to Inks - Amy Ruddlesden
Formative Formulation 2 - Iodosulfuron-methyl-based herbicial ionic liquids comprising alkyl betainate cation as an example of incorporation of adjuvant into chemcial structure of herbicide to reduce environmental impact - Witold Stachowiak
Formative Formulation 2 - Micro-nanoscale analyses of the interfaces of the next-generation 3D-printed multi-materials - Tien Thy Quach
Formative Formulation 2 - Surface activity of herbicidal ionic liquids based on Dicamba Esterquats with 4-CPA, 2,4-D, MCPA, MCPP, and Clopyralid anions - Marta Wojcieszak
Formative Formulation 2 - Synthesis of high solar absorption material (activated carbon nanoparticles) to improve light-heat conversion ratio for solar desalination applications - Amrit Kumar Thakur
Formulation 4.1 - A Clark - Mixtures: informatics for formulations and consumer products
Formulation 4.1 - S Vyas - Modelling Mixtures @IFF: Using computers to build better formulations
KIGIPC - Quantifying the water content of hair using Dynamic Vapor Soprtion - Meshan Guo

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