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Session One – Chair Dr Cuross Bakhtiar

Market Drivers in Natural Personal CareMr Richard Scott, Editor Personal Care

Textured Microcapsules through Crystallization - Professor Stefan A. F. Bon, University of Warwick

Natural Alternatives to Synthetic Ingredients in Cosmetic Formulations - Caroline Recardo, Alchemy Ingredients

Personal Care, Accelerating the Transition away from a Fossil World - Chris Sayner, Croda

Session Two – Chair Dr Kevan Hatchman

Platform Molecules to Polymers for Personal Care,  Dr Thomas Farmer,  Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York

From Natural Sources to Powerful Personal Care Ingredient, Dr. Fernando Ibarra, CEO of Evident Ingridents GmbH

Sustainable formats in Personal Care, Ms Sarah Glynn, Innospec    

Session Three – Chair Dr Matthew Giles

Natural preservation: bringing science into the challengeMr Lee-Or Tsviling and Ms Naama Eylon, Sharon Laboratories

Formulating cosmetic products into soluble packaging, Reasons and problemsNorman Lowe, Harke Group 

Biobased feedstock renaissance: Improving ingredient sustainability and functionality with castor-derived precursorsMichael J. Fevola, Ph.D., INOLEX

Aerosols Formulation Going GreenMs Dorota Keczmerska, Volcke Aerosol

Quantifying the water content of hair using Dynamic Vapor Soprtion(DVS), Meshan Guo, Surface Measurement Systems Ltd

Concluding remarks and finish