9:00 Registration 

9:45  Welcome


Session One – Chair Dr Cuross Bakhtiar

10:00    Market Drivers in Natural Personal Care -  Mr Richard Scott, Editor Personal Care

10:30    Textured Microcapsules through Crystallization - Professor Stefan A. F. Bon, University of Warwick

11.00      Natural Alternatives to Synthetic Ingredients in Cosmetic Formulations - Caroline Recardo, Alchemy Ingredients

11:30    Personal Care, Accelerating the Transition away from a Fossil World - Chris Sayner, Croda

12:00 Posters and Lunch

Session Two – Chair Dr Kevan Hatchman

13:00  Platform Molecules to Polymers for Personal Care,  Dr Thomas Farmer,  Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York

13:30    From Natural Sources to Powerful Personal Care Ingredient, Dr. Fernando Ibarra, CEO of Evident Ingridents GmbH

14:00 Sustainable formats in Personal Care, Ms Sarah Glynn, Innospec    

14:30 Tea/ Coffee break

Session Three – Chair Dr Matthew Giles

15:00 Natural preservation: bringing science into the challenge, Mr Lee-Or Tsviling and Ms Naama Eylon, Sharon Laboratories

15:30  Formulating cosmetic products into soluble packaging, Reasons and problems, Norman Lowe, Harke Group 

16:00   Biobased feedstock renaissance: Improving ingredient sustainability and functionality with castor-derived precursors, Michael J. Fevola, Ph.D., INOLEX

16:30  Aerosols Formulation Going Green, Ms Dorota Keczmerska, Volcke Aerosol
17:00 Concluding remarks and finish