On Tuesday evening there will the opportunity to get involved in 2 very different workshops between 17:00 and 19:00.

The final presentation on Tuesday will introduce to the AceForm4.0 project (https://formulation-network.eu/) a European Union action now complete, its purpose and outcomes, specifically highlights of the 2030 European Formulation roadmap and how the European Formulation Interest Group (EU-FIG) set up during the action has now become the European Formulation Network (EU-FormNet).

The AceForm4.0 interactive workshop will be held after the end of the scientific program.  The workshop will revolve around up to three selected topics for cross-sectorial, cross-value chain collaboration as identified in the 2030 Formulation roadmap.  AceForm4.0 identified Circular Economy and Industry 4.0 challenges as important across all formulated product industries, so the objective of the activity is to stimulate new partnerships and define consortia for research  projects in the context of identified funding possibilities within  Horizon 2020  and Horizon Europe.  This workshop will be open to all delegates, but will be especially relevant to industrialists and academics who are have identified cross-sectorial formulation challenges which will benefit from research being carried across multiple companies and universities.  Further details will be provided during the "Formulation roadmap" presentation (final presentation on Tuesday), no prior registration necessary.

iFormulate will run a "Design for Formulation" workshop.  iFormulate has for many years run "Quality by Design" workshops aimed at the pharmaceutical industry.  iFormulate has become increasingly aware that while the principles of quality by design are widely applicable they are not practised outside pharma.  "Design for Formulation" will highlight the applicability of quality by design across the formulated product industries and provide attendees with a number of take away methods which they can implment immediately.  30 free places will be available to registered Formula-X delegates, these will be allocated to those who are first to sign up - click on the link here: https://iformulate.biz/events/workshop-design-for-formulation/