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Draft Programme (abstracts linked to the title)

09:45 - Meeting Open

10:00 – Welcome – Introduction to FFFC3 - Flor Siperstein & Simon Gibbon

10:15 – Dr Matt Unthank, Northumbria University, Newcastle - Controlling transport phenomena of molecules into coatings

10:45 – Professor Joe Keddie, University of Surrey - Adding functionality to coatings with non-growing metabolically-active bacteria

11:15 - Ander Cervellera Dominguez, AkzoNobel - The effect of particles size distribution and cross-linking agent on the leaching behaviour of anti-corrosion species for long-term active corrosion protection on AA2024-T3 alloy

11:45 - Eugenio Bonetti, The University of Manchester - A Cellular Automata model for the release of corrosion inhibitors from primer coatings

12:15 - Dr Stephen Edmondson, The University of Manchester - The Henry Royce Institute Sustainability Hub and Coatings

12:30 - Lunch Break

13:15 - Poster session

14:15 - Chi Him Lo, AkzoNobel - Waterborne coatings for corrosion protection

14:45 - Apoorva Ambarkar, The University of Manchester - Microstructure of packaging coatings

15:15 – Craig Melton, University of Leicester - Dye containing coatings for corrosion sensing applications

15:45 - Raul Davalos Monteiro, The University of Manchester - Natural exposure and cyclic corrosion testing for the assessment of the performance of powder-coated steel

16:15 - Dr Stephanie L. Burg, University of Sheffield - Liquid-liquid phase separation morphologies in ultra-white beetle scales and a synthetic equivalent

16:45 – Professor Stuart Lyon, The University of Manchester - Sustainable coatings by rational design

17:15 - End