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Late May / Early June 2020, University of Edinburgh - #futureformulation

The Formulation Science and Technology group (FSTG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry is working with the University of Edinburgh to organise the 4th Future Forumulation meeting to bring together the researchers working as part of the EPSRC's Future Formulation funding award.  The University of Edinburgh is kindly hosting the meeting.

The 1st Future Formulation meeting was held in Durham in 2017, just after the Future Formulation of Complex Products grants had started, so the 2nd Future Formulation meeting was an oppotunity to hear about the exciting progress being made towards the future of formulation, the 3rd Future Future Formulation meeting gave the researchers the opportunity to update us on their individual projects and through interactive session provided further details and gave us the opportunity to contribute to the development of the projects.  The 4th Future Formulation sees the grants coming to an end, so you will get to hear about all that has been accomplished during the grants and to be part of the discussions about what to do next.

The UK has in recent years recognised the massive contribution which formulation makes to its economic activity, resources have been made available both through the setting up of the National Formulation Centre in County Durham and specific funding calls from EPSRC and Innovate UK.  This meeting brings together some of the people who are shaping future formulation having been awarded grants under the EPSRC's "Future Formulation of Complex Products" call - have a read of the summaries of the previous meetings meetings and a look at the programme for links to the project proposals.


  • Professor Colin Bain - Durham University
  • Dr Jin Sun, University of Edinburgh & Dr Mark Haw, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Csaba Sinka - University of Leicester
  • Dr Robin Curtis - The University of Manchester & Professor Paul Dalby, University College London
  • Professor Darragh Murnane - The University of Hertfordshire
  • Professor Panagiota Angeli - University College London
  • Professor Ricky Wildman - University of Nottingham

Organising committee

Dr Jin Sun, University of Edinburgh
Professor Colin Bain, Durham University
Dr Simon Gibbon, AkzoNobel RD&I
Dr Helen Ryder, The University of Manchester

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