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Stability of Biopharmaceuticals: From molecular interactions to successful products

Wednesday 19th October 2022, Downing College, Cambridge, UK

Following a 2-year break due to the pandemic we were delighted to announce the return of the MIBio conference returned on 19th October 2022. As an added celebration, this was the 10th meeting of the MIBio conference series.

MIBio engages leading experts from industry and academia in a discussion on how the latest molecular interaction-based discoveries can be exploited in biopharmaceutical formulation to produce more effective, patient-friendly, and safer therapeutic products. 

The 2022 meeting focused on the considerable changes in the biopharmaceutical formulation landscape brought about by the Covid pandemic. The critical importance of the storage and shipment stability and ensuring the reliability of the supply chain of the key formulation components were brought to the attention of the entire world as we watched the phenomenally rapid and efficient development of the leading Covid vaccines. Significant advances have also been made in new formulation approaches to ensure not only stability and safety but also the efficacy of state-of-the-art therapeutic modalities such as mRNA and viral vector products.

With 98 delegates, this year’s MIBio2022 at Downing college, Cambridge was one of the largest that we have run. Delegates spanned the biopharma industry, academia and technology supplier sponsors and exhibitors. An excellent schedule of talks in the morning discussed the key challenges in biopharmaceutical formulation as well as innovative new technologies that could revolutionise the industry in the future, with Yuval Elani receiving the RSC Felix Franks Biotechnology Medal for his outstanding research in this area building synthetic cells. Following lunch in Downing college and an opportunity to view a selection of high quality posters in the poster exhibition, the talks continued presenting the latest developments in formulation and drug delivery with lipid nanoparticles. A lively discussion panel session addressed the key changes seen in industry and academia in response to and as a consequence of, the Covid pandemic. During the afternoon coffee break a specially commissioned cake was served up to celebrate this 10th MIBio conference event. The friendly atmosphere in what, for many, was the first in person conference since the pandemic provided the perfect forum for discussing new ideas and collaborations. We look forward to inviting everyone again to MIBio 2023.

MIBio 2022 talks:

Pharmaceutical Development of Biologics, Past Present and Future
Paul Varley | VP CMC Development, Alchemab Therapeutics Ltd.

Challenges of Low Dosing and Stability
Jordan Bye | Senior Scientist, Immunocore

Building a New Biology: Design and Construction of Synthetic Cells
Yuval Elani  |  Asst. Professor & UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Imperial College

Process Development for First in Human biopharmaceuticals: the role of change control in manufacturing
Luca Badiali | Associate Director, Kymab Ltd, a Sanofi Company

Lipid nanoparticles to accelerate development and patient access to cell therapies
Sara Pereira | Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca

Materials and production considerations for LNPs
Söhnke Voss | Business Development Manager, EMEA, Avanti Polar Lipids

Cell and Gene Therapy Product Development and Associated Challenges
Farnaz Esmaeili | Regulatory Affairs Manager, GSK