FSTG Gordon J Tiddy tavel bursaryThe Gordon J. Tiddy bursary is an award made for the purpose of assisting in travel to non-FSTG conferences in the UK and overseas. Bursaries are provided solely to offset the costs of travel and accommodation and are normally limited to a maximum of £500. The bursary scheme does not cover meetings organized by FSTG within the UK, for which alternative grant or discount schemes may be organized by the meeting committee as it sees appropriate.

Applicant Eligibility

Applications may be made by any FSTG member, and will be considered on the basis of merit and need. Applicants must be members of at least six months standing and must not have already received an FSTG travel bursary in the previous 2 years.

Application Process

APPLICATION FORM. This will be considered by the review panel (the officers of the FSTG) on an ad hoc basis; there are new application deadlines included in the following. Applicants' attention is drawn to the following requirements:

The review panel normally expect the application to be for a meeting which is relevant to the aims of the group.

The application must be supported and countersigned by the academic supervisor, principal investigator, line manager, or other appropriate authority. Please be aware that the review panel may contact your named referee for verification purposes.

Applications must be received at least 2 months before the start of a conference and if appropriate, the applicant must indicate if response is required by a certain date (for example to get a discount for a conference).

Applicants are expected to travel for the purpose of making a presentation (poster or verbal) at the conference.

Applicants are expected to act as ambassadors of the FSTG, and may be asked to take and distribute appropriate publicity material.

The applicant must provide a brief final report (1-2 pages), which should include details of the sessions attended, and summary of the applicant's presentation, within 6 months of return. This should be in a form suitable for publication on the FSTG website. Final payment will be made by cheque on receipt of this report.

Some conditions may be waived at the discretion of the review panel, and applicants are always encouraged to contact the current secretary or chairman of the FSTG for advice. All awards are made at the discretion of the review panel whose decisions are final and binding. The FSTG reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.