The executive committee of the Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) is made of elected representatives of the membership. The offices of the committee are the Chairman (de facto trustee of the subject group), the Secretary and the Treasurer. Other responsibilities, including mailing list, web site and newsletter are shared between the committee members.

The primary responsibility of the committee is to oversee the smooth running of the activities of the Formulation Science and Technology Group, in particular its many conferences and training days.

FSTG committee:

Chairperson: Simon Gibbon, Akzo Nobel

Secretary: Helen Ryder, The University of Manchester

Treasurer: Aldo Guiducci, BP

Committee Members:

Matthew Giles, Innospec Inc.
David Higgins, Higgins Consultancy Ltd
John W. Jones, Bristol Myers Squibb
Lyn Daintree, CrystecPharma
Steve Harding, University of Nottingham
Josie Harries, Domino Printing Sciences
Jan Jezek, Arecor
Mike Moss, The University of Oxford
Vitaily Khutoryanskiy, University of Reading
Flor Siperstein, The University of Manchester
Vivek Trivedi, University of Greenwich

Co-opted Members:
Roslyn Holmes, Ashlan Speciality Ingredients

The committee welcomes nominations for members at any time. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to supply nominations and details.