Functional reduced graphene coating for augmenting the rate of clean water generation using solar energy - poster

Amrit Kumar Thakur
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Anna University, CEG Campus, Chennai, India.
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Solar still (SS) harvest the abundantly available solar energy for generating clean water from brackish water resources using different energy storage medium, but low water productivity of this device is the major concern. The present experimental investigation deals with improving the energy harvesting of SS for higher generation of clean water using reduced graphene oxide coating. Reduced graphene oxide nanosheet was prepared from graphene oxide through hydrothermal treatment and SEM image of the nanosheet shows the porous and wrinkled structure, while SEM image of nanopaint shown the aggloromates formation of nanosheet. . Three different solar still namely conventional SS with only black paint coated absorber and two SS with reduced graphene oxide mixed in black paint coated absorber (2 wt. % and 4 wt. %) were used in the present study and tested under the climatic conditions of Jaipur, India. Experimental results showed that the utilization of 4 wt. % of nanosheet coated absorber of the SS enhanced the water and absorber temperature by 6 % and 7 % respectively than that of absorber without nanosheet. The accumulated water yield of solar still with augmented by 25 % (4 wt. %) with nanosheet coating, compared to conventional SS.
Keywords: Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheet, Energy Harvesting, Desalination, Water Yield