Supplier Posters

First 3 Posters with Q&A:

Static Multiple Light Scattering for Monitoring the Stability and Particle Size of Concentrated Dispersions
Gordon Irvine1, C. Tisserand2, R. Ramsch2, J. Cohen2, P. Bru1, G. Meunier2
1 Formulaction Inc, Worthington, OH, USA
2 Formulaction, Toulouse, France

Determination of Stability and Particle Size of Colloids in Lab or Online
André Giese, Kai Gossmann, Philipp Schreier, Margret Böck, Hanno Wachernig
Colloid Metrix GmbH, Meerbusch, Germany

Routine, ensemble characterisation of electrophoretic mobility in high and saturated ionic dispersions
Jake Austin, Diogo Fernandes, Matthew J. A. Ruszala, Natalie Hill, Jason CW Corbett
Malvern Panalytical, Malvern, United Kingdom  

Second 3 Posters with Q&A:

Colloidal Refractometry for Microstructure Characterization of Particle Dispersions
Mansur S. Mohammadi
Biruni Associates

Vapour Sorption Techniques for Particle Engineering
Sabiyah Ahmed1, Meishan Guo1, Majid Naderi1, Manaswini Acharya1, and Daniel Burnett2
Surface Measurement Systems Ltd., Alperton, London, HA04PE
2Surface Measurement Systems Ltd., 2125 28th Street SW, Suite 1, Allentown, PA 18103, USA

Application of NMR Relaxation to Determine the Hansen Solubility Parameter (HSP) of Particles
Ravi Sharma1, Shin-Ichi Takeda2 Dave Fairhurst3, Stuart Prescott4, Terence Cosgrove5
1 Mageleka, Inc., Winter Park, Florida, USA
2 Colloid-Techno-Consultants,Ltd., Osaka, Japan
3 Colloids Consultants, Ltd., Aiken, Fl, USA
4 University of New South Wales, Australia
5 Bristol University, UK

Final 3 Posters with Q&A:

Preventing Crystallization with the Crystal16 for Successful Parenteral Formulations
Floor Aalders
Technobis Crystallization Systems, Pyrietstraat 2, 1812SC Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Shining a Light on Particle Characterisation at the Diamond Light Source
Claire Pizzey
Diamond Light Source, Didcot, UK

Use of a Closed Vial Milling System in Investigations of Carbon Black Ink Formulations
Stephen R Bysouth1, Muhammad Ali2
1 SARL Automaxion, L'Auvrairie, 50250 Varenguebec, France
2 N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan