Session 1: Prediction and probing of molecular interactions

Taming protein interactions ~ Professor Mike Williamson, Sheffield University

Use of ITC/DSC for the studies of biomolecular stability and interaction of excipients with proteins ~ Dr Natalia Markova, GE Healthcare

The importance of early biophysical characterization of antibodies in the lead selection process ~ Dr Leonardo Borras, Alcon Labs

Session 2: Exploitation of the understanding of molecular interactions in product and formulation design

Key Interactions of Polysorbates in Protein Formulations ~ Dr Hanns-Christian Mahler, Roche

Special aspects in the pharmaceutical development of protein formats beyond mAbs ~ Susanne Jörg, Novartis

Screen early - fail early: Rapid analytical screens for protein formulation ~ Dr Paul Dalby, University College London

Sequence-based prediction of protein solubility ~ Professor Michele Vendruscolo, Cambridge University