Formative Formulation
Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge, JJ Thomson Ave, CB30HE
18th March 2019

The FSTG group will host its inaugural early careers event, Formative Formulation, on 18th March 2019. The event is run by, with, and for early career formulation scientists from academia and industry. It will be a 1-day scientific meeting, with contributions from all areas of formulation science. In particular, there will be talks related to nucleation during pharmaceutical crystal formation, oil-in-water emulsions in the food industry, rheological properties of concentrated suspensions and colloids, viscoelasticity of structural adhesives.

The event will have the unique component of being focussed towards 'early career' researchers (loosely defined as anyone within, say, ~10years of their undergrad or postgrad degree) - i.e. all the invited talks and session chairs will be in this category. We hope that this will facilitate dialogue and help to encourage the formation of independent networks among attendees that will have long term career benefits.


Invited Talks:

A crystal engineering approach for the design of complex food and pharmaceutical colloidal structures
Dr Elena Simone, University of Leeds

Understanding the role of processing and formulation on rice bran wax oleogels microstructure
Dr Vincenzo di Bari, University of Nottingham

Molecular migration in poly(vinyl alcohol) mixtures
Katarzyna Majerczak, University of Birmingham

Rheology and characterisation of Sugru mouldable glues (RTV-1 silicone elastomer putty)
Dr Vivian Christogianni, FormFormForm

Powder Processing and the Catapult Network
Chester Aguirre, Centre for Process Innovation

Organising Committee:
Dr Chris Ness (contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Dr Nathan Flood