The Formulation Awards 2011

The awards were presented on 13th September at The Wonderful World of Formulation, an event which formed part of this year’s British Science Festival, hosted by the University of Bradford. The British Science Festival is a prestigious event which regularly receives national press attention.

The five award categories were:

  • The RSC Formulation Science and Technology Group Award for Formulation for Sustainability Award: For projects, achievements, and innovations in formulation technology which lead to more sustainable products, processes, reduced environmental impact or a lower carbon footprint.
    David presenting the award
    Awarded to Dr Brian Sulaiman of Dena Technologies for work showing how high performance materials can be produced from waste material, the award was presented by FSTG Chairman Dr David Higgins.
  • The University of Birmingham Award for Collaboration in Formulation: For projects demonstrating successful collaborations, partnerships or open innovation in the area of formulation was awarded toProf Yvonne Perrie of Aston University (in collaboration with Variation Biotechnologies) and presented by Dr Jim Bullock of Intelligent Formulation.
  • The Syngenta Award for Formulation Innovation in Industry: For activities showing a good use of formulation science and technology to achieve commercial success was awarded to Emma Watson of P&G and presented by Dr Julie McDonald of Syngenta to Emma’s colleague Dr Euan Magennis.
  • The Chemistry Innovation KTN Award for Knowledge Transfer in Formulation: For excellent examples of ideas coming out of academia into private sector spin-out companies or partnerships was awarded to Andrew Elphick of Iota Nanosolutions and presented by Darren Ragheb of Chemistry Innovation KTN.
  • The Intelligent Formulation Award for Formulation Education and Skills: For examples of excellence in promoting education in and of formulation science in a school, university or company environment was awarded toDr Laura Waters of the University of Huddersfield and presented by Dr Jim Bullock of Intelligent Formulation.

More details to follow.