This section is designed to give you the chance to reach out to the formulation community - after all we all need a little bit of help once in a while! So if you are interested in developing formulations and are looking for potential collaborative partners please submit your queries to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will post on here.


Searching for formulation partners for EUROSTARS CALL

Enantia, a Spanish SME focused on organic chemistry and crystal engineering ( is searching for partners to present a project within the forthcoming EUROSTARS call. 

The project is about modification of solid active pharmaceutical ingredients for topical delivery and we are looking for a FORMULATION PARNTNER, if possible a company specialized in the formulation of topical drugs.

If interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paediatric formulations

Contact sought for a contract Formulations Chemist based in South East England with access to laboratory facilities. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cambridge IP and

Cambridge IP offers a range of products and services meeting the IP intelligence needs of the technology sector. They are physically based in Cambridge, UK and in London, and have representation in Boston and Houston in the USA and Geneva in Switzerland. They work with clients around the globe.

Cambridge IP clients range in size from blue chip corporations to individual inventors. Uses of their work include: rapid patent search delivery, customised patent map development, informing freedom to operate decisions, developing IPR strategies and helping with sustainable intellectual property management.

Cambridge IP rigorous methodology and systems enable them to gather and analyse complex patent datasets with consistently superior quality and delivery times. free trial!

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Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)

IMI Calls for proposals represent an excellent opportunity for researchers across Europe to take part in groundbreaking projects that aim to deliver tangible benefits for patients. Scientists from academia, industry, SMEs, hospitals and patients’ organisations are warmly invited to get involved in our projects.

Research areas of interest to FSTG members include oral drug delivery and the delivery of biological macromolecules.


For more information on the IMI and its 4th Call for proposals, please consult the attached document.



Hariri company (Syria)

Hariri company, a privately held company (founded 1988), is one of the major players in the field of pharma-trading , industry and distribution of finished formulations. Hariri company is interested in importing finished products (formulations). If you would like to use this facility to produce medicines and to take advantage of the low production costs in the Middle East please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Company Background:

The  company activities  started  with  the  distribution  of  locally  made  medicines  and  the trading in pharmaceutical raw materials. Supported  by  global  business  relations  and  representation  agreements  with leading  international  manufacturers  and  exporters  of  pharmaceutical  raw materials,  the  company  has  proven  expertise  in  sourcing  and  distributing pharmaceutical raw materials. The activities carried out in this regard rank the company  as  the  leading  distributor  of  these  products  in  the  whole  Syrian market. The company holds too a big stock of over 150 raw materials (for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry) available for local sale. A list of this stock is regularly updated and circulated to all the Syrian customers. On the other hand, the company handles the imports of materials for the accounts of its customers on commission basis.

In  1997  the  company  set  foot  into  the  cosmetic  industry,  and  established  a fully  equipped  and  modern  industrial  plant  for  the  production  of  antiseptics, cosmetics  and  other  related  products.  The  factory  buildings  of  7000  sq. meters were erected on a site ground of 40,000 sq. meters total at Al Zahraa Suburb,  10  kilometers  to  the  north-west  of  Aleppo  City.  The  factory  was designed in compliance with the CGMP standards and the products launched are  strictly  subject  to  the  international  specifications  and  are  produced  in compliance  with  the  CGMP  standards  too,  and  priority  was  given  to  quality rather than low cost. All the raw materials are ordered from prime international GMP approved sources. 

In  2007,  the  industrial  activities  were  expanded  to  cover  the  production  of medicines and the medicine factory will start production by the end of 2011,
The  medicine  factory  ,with  total  area  of  7000  sq  meters,  has  its  own laboratories that are fully prepared to handle all types of analysis and these
laboratories are equipped with equipments of the highest technology.